Install your Digital ID and digitally sign your emails with Microsoft Windows Mobile

To install your Personal ID certificate and sign your emails on Microsoft Windows Mobile, please follow these instructions:

Once you have installed your Digital ID on your PC, it can be copied to your PDA/Smartphone for the purpose of client side authentication from mobiles and other such applications.

1. Launch Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Options.

2. Click on the Content tab and click Certificates.

3. Select the certificate and click Export.

4. Follow the wizard and make sure that you select both Export the private key and to Include all the certificates in the path. You will get a .pfx file.

5. Copy your .pfx certificate file to your PDA/Smartphone.

6. Install PFXImport on your Windows Mobile (available at

7. Run PFXImport on the device and select your .pfx file.

8. Enter the file password and your certificate will be imported onto the device.