How to get your Digital ID and install it

Once your order has been processed for a PersonalSign 2 Pro or a PersonalSign 2 Department Personal ID certificate, GlobalSign's vetting team will send a "Pick up" email to the applicant's email address. You will need this email to get your certificate.

1. Click on the URL provided in the email.

2. Enter the Pickup Password set during the application.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer users

1. Click Yes at the IE Active X prompt.

2. Check Yes, make this Certificate exportable. For software certificates, select Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider 1.0 as Cryptographic Service Provider. Alternatively, select the CSP that is associated with your USB token or Smart Card

3. Click Yes at the Web Access Confirmation prompt. Please note that this may take serveral minutes.

4. Click Install My Certificate.

5. Click Yes to allow the Active X control.

6. Select Yes to the Certificate Web Access Confirmation prompt. Your certificate is now installed.

For Mozilla Firefox users

1. Check Yes, make this Certificate exportable and select High Grade as Cryptographic Service Provider.

2. Unless you have added a hardware security module (i.e. USB token), the default Cryptographic Provider will be displayed: Software Security Device.

3. Click Install My Certificate.

4. Your certificate is now installed.

Note: For Mozilla Firefox versions below 3.0.2, after you click on the CA installation link, please check off "Trust this CA" all three purposes in the dialogue box.