Install your Digital ID and digitally sign your emails with Apple Mail

To install your Personal ID certificate and sign your emails with Apple Mail, please follow these instructions:

Install your Certificate

1. Double click your Digital ID .pfx file.

2. The Keychain Access application will open automatically. If not, drag your .pfx file onto the Keychain Access icon located in /Applications/Utilities.

3. Enter your private key password.

4. Quit Keychain Access.

5. Your certificate is installed. You can start Mail.

Sending a signed message

1. Compose a new email.

2. To send a signed message, you only need a private key for the sending email address.

Email will be signed Email will not be signed

3. To send an encrypted message, you need the private key of the sending email address and the public key of each recipient.

Email will be encrypted Email will not be encrypted