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EV SSL Certificate Validation Checklist

The EV or Extended Validation Certificate has industry standards and specific documents that must be submitted before it can be issued. Here you will find all the required information and necessary documents needed to verify your business or organization.

  • Details Being Validated:
    EV validation basics consist of verifying the following:
    • Organization legal name and that it is in good standing.
    • Exact organization tradename / DBA (Doing Business As) if applicable.
    • Who is currently operating the business.
    • Address of where the business operates.
    • Organization main listed telephone number.
    • Who controls the domain(s) listed on the certificate.
    • Authenticity of the subscriber agreement.
  • How to Make EV Validation Easier:
    Tips when providing the organization details for an EV SSL certificate:
    • Use the legally registered name of the organization. Do not enter the trade name/DBA (doing business as) as the legal name of the company.
    • A trade name can be listed on the certificate with the legal name. The trade name/DBA (doing business as) must be registered in a government agency.
    • Use the address where the organization conducts business. Do not use PO Box, mail stop/forwarding, care of, virtual office address or a registered agent address.
  • What to Expect During the EV Validation Process:
    You can expect:
    • Complete Domain Control Verification (DCV) to verify the domain(s) are controlled by the organization. This can be completed using 1 of 3 methods: DCV email, CNAME or HTTP(S) challenge.
    • Telephone call through the main business phone number to the signer listed on the subscriber agreement to verify the signature, authority to sign, if signer is an employee of the organization and signer's title.
    • An email with any additional actions if required.
  • Good to Know About EV Validation:
    • Sole proprietorship / sole trader and some partnerships require a principal individual in the organization to be verified. The Validation Specialist contacts you if this document is needed.
    • All EV certificates must have the legal name. If a tradename/DBA is verified, the certificate will be listed with the tradename and legal name in this format; tradename (legal name).
    • In the case of a sole trader, the legal name is the owner/principal name.
    • No certificate can be issued to the tradename/ DBA name only.
    • Use the address where the organization conducts business. Do not use PO Box, Care of, mail stop/forwarding, virtual office or a registered agent address.
    • Industry guidelines limit the type of third-party databases that can be used for validation. A site controlled by the applicant cannot be used. Your organization website cannot be used.
    • The telephone call to verify the authenticity of the order and signer listed on subscriber agreement can not be made to a direct phone number or cell phone unless the number can be validated.
    • If the validation specialist is not able to verify your organization, you will be contacted with options on how to resolve any outstanding issues.