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Renewing a multi-year certificate is necessary even though you bought a multi-year package because your certificate is only valid during one year (since September 2020) and thus, you need to renew it after this one-year period.

The certificates that are due to expire during the next 90 days are displayed on the dashboard (you will also receive reminder e-mails from us).

Here are the steps to follow:
1 - Go to "MySSL certificates" on the left menu, then click on Expiring. You will see the list of your certificates including your multi-year certificates nearing their expiration..

2 - Click on the renew button (clock button) for the corresponding certificate.

Once you are on the Certificate details page, fill all the information required and click on the button ‘submit certificate for issuance’.

Please generate your CSR with the exact same details as the initial order (except if your company details have changed since your initial order. In this case, you need to generate a new CSR).