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SSL Certificate Installation with Microsoft Azure

Note Prior to beginning the steps included in this tutorial, please ensure that you have completed the following:

  • Installed Microsoft Azure
  • Completed the AZURECSR for creating and submitting the CSR to the CA
Step 1: Certificate Download & Import

Once the CSR process is completed successfully, the files will be available for download. Certificate Authorities can offer files in various formats including Apache, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft IIS therefore you will need to select the applicable format.
Download and extract the files from the folder provided by the CA. Locate the certificate file (.crt) then launch your web server application to complete the certificate request.

Step 2: Export PFX
  1. Launch the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) - Press Windows Key + R and type "MMC"
  2. Select File > Add/Remove Snap-ins then find Certificates from the list and press Add
  3. In Certificates Snap-In choose the option Computer Account
  4. The Certificates option will now appear in the tree list
  5. Click and expand the option then select Personal > Certificates which will make the certificate appear in the main window

  1. Right-click the certificate then select All Tasks > Export
  2. The process will open an "Export Private Key" option - ensure that the option selected is Yes
  3. This will open the Certificate Export Wizard - it is important to UNSELECT the option to "Delete the private key if the export is successful"

Step 3: Import the PFX File
  1. Sign into the Azure platform with the associated account
  2. Select the App for which the SSL certificate will be applied to and open the option for SSL Certificates
  3. Click on Upload Certificate then find the PFX file that was created in Step 2
  4. Enter the password that was created when creating the file - the select Upload

This concludes the process for exporting SSL certificates in PFX format to upload on the Azure platform. Please ensure that this process is completed correctly as Azure is a cloud-based service that does not support generating private keys and CSR on the server.

If you have any further questions or require further support, please don't hesitate to contact us on:
0800 100 23 28

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