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What legal value will my documents have ?

Your documents will have the same legal value as signed paper documents. An invoice or  a quote will therefore be lawfully valid if you send them digitally signed.

Why wouldn't I sign my PDF file with a standard certificate (e.g. digital ID)?

This  GlobalSign PDF sign is an Adobe CDS certificate which means that the certificate is automatically trusted because it chains to the Adobe Root. The signature and the name of the author will display in Adobe Acrobat. This is not the case with other Certification Authorities that aren't approved by Adobe.

See here an example of a PDF signed with our Adobe CDS certificate.

What is the difference between certifying and signing a document?

Certifying a document enables you to proves that the content of your document is in its original state and unmodified since you signed it. You are also able to allow some modification in the document by another party (e.g. a government form to complete). Signing a document equals to signing a paper document (e.g. signing a contract).

Is it possible to sign PDF files with one certificate on two different computers?

Yes. In the event you want to sign and certify PDF documents using a different computer, you will need to download the GlobalSign Root certificate and load your iKey token drivers. However, you must have the USB token with you as it contains the certificate. SSL247 support can help with this.

How can my organization authorise my Adobe certificate request?

Before receiveing the certificate from GlobalSign, your organization will first have to authorise your request by completing a "Letter of Authorisation" and including some business details. An Account Manager will guide you through this process.

What if I lose my token?

If you lose your token, you must report it to GlobalSign immediately. We will make the associated certificate unusable immediately. However, you will need to purchase a new certificate.

When GlobalSign revokes a certificate, does that mean my documents will become invalid in Adobe Acrobat immediately?

The process will take about 24 hours to show all Adobe Acrobat users that the document is invalid once revocation occurs.

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